Total Life Saver!

The email and text scripts ALONE are so worth every penny.

I think I am naturally someone that interacts with people, but La’s scripts and the psychology behind why they work was such a light bulb experience for me.

This is perfect for people like me who are already comfortable talking to people AND for photographers who feel like they don’t know what to say.

Knowing what I know now, I will never go back to my old ways!

Thank you so much, La!


I always struggled with responding to leads.

I would actually get anxiety when a lead would come through, not knowing what to say.

The text and email system is a game changer. It taught me how to convey my message without being pushy or salesy all while converting my leads to customers!

If you've ever struggled on how to respond to clients, this is a GAME CHANGER!

This was game changing!

The hardest part about inquiries is knowing what to say! I would constantly change my templates. Always wondering if leads weren't responding because I said the wrong thing. And wonder where my next booking would come from. I'm so lucky and blessed that I found these flows! They were game-changing for me!

No more guessing. No more doubting myself. Now I get excited when an inquiry comes in because I know what to say and where the conversation is headed...

 Consultations are a breeze now because I actually only end up serving the people I want to connect with and ones that are ready to pay for my services.

  • Text Script Flows for every common response in the book (Customized For All Portrait Genres)
  • Email Script Flows for 21 different situations (Customized For All Portrait Genres)
  • Followup Schedule - Keep your leads active and engaged
  • Consultation Script Flow - Triple Your Bookings In The Next 3 Months
  • Video Example Of How To Lead A Consultation Like An Expert
  • Customized Lead & Business Tracking Spreadsheet 
  • Best Texting Practices For Optimal Client Conversions
  • Video Explanations On Tracking Your Leads Like A True Business Professional 

This course is an online, go at your own pace training that you can master in as little as 6 days.

Content is released every 24 hours to make it easy, stress free and to give you the steps
in the right order for optimal success!

You have unlimited replays & lifetime access!
(If you want lifetime updates for this course & access to our private FB community,
these Bonuses are ONLY included in the Business Bundle!

7 modules, 4 hours 36 minutes of video content, pdfs, worksheets & lots of bonus content!

If you have any questions email support@lamariebusiness.com



I have no idea where I would be without these scripts!

There is an answer for everything you could imagine. My own responses weren’t generating the results I wanted, so I bought these and they changed my business completely!

Worth every penny and absolutely no regrets!

I have a habit of responding quickly without intention, these scripts give me intention.


This text script had been integral to my inquiry responses & has really helped me book consultations...

which then leads to booking photo shoots. I absolutely love it!

Highly, highly recommend!

WOW!! Amazing results!

I’m great at writing emails and other things in general but these scripts and the way they incorporate the psychology of where your customers are in there journey!

WOW! Amazing results. I would have never been able to convert so many leads into clients without them.

I would be totally lost without these script flows and consultation methods.

Module One:

$497 VALUE

Discover the psychology behind your ideal clients thoughts and buying behaviors so you can book more shoots by serving them where they are at.

Module two:

$2997 VALUE

Start implementing the most cutting edge business conversation process and the exact text and email scripts to make booking your leads easier than ever before.

Module three:

$997 VALUE

Get access to the Lead Tracking System that will change your life. And watch your business grow exponentially over the next 12 months.

Module four:

$497 VALUE

Get the latest texting tips and tricks from the most recent testing & tracking data we have from dozens of portrait photographers.

Module five:

$497 VALUE

La will show you the highest booking consultation method through a live mock consultation.

Module six:

$497 VALUE

Take a deep dive in the psychology behind your consultations and start using this proven method to book more clients without actually trying to!

Module seven:

$497 VALUE

Get bonus access to identifying any breakdowns in your conversations and consultations system to maximize your time and profit.

$6479 VALUE

ONLY $697

I'm here to elevate our industry from starving to thriving, so I'm setting the price of this course at $697! It's not free because you need skin in the game to stay committed!

Once you enroll, you will get an email with your personal link to create your course login. You will get instant access to the very first bonus video module and then each new module will open up every 24 hours to create a stress free process for implementing this content into your business and creating maximum results!

I know you are going to be blown away with the level of detail, tips and tricks and immediately actionable things you are going to be able to start implementing in your business immediately.

I'm a photographer too, and have had the misfortune of buying things online that don’t show up, aren’t really what they say they are and have no customer service attached! I take great pride in offering more than you ever imagined you would get and providing exceptional customer service, but don’t take my word for it you can ask around the industry.

This course is hours of content that I have gone through, edited, collated and put together in one spot for you and even more significantly it's the cumulative experience of being a boudoir photographer & business owner for 18+ years... having dealt with 1000’s of leads and doing 500+ in person consultations.

I did all the trial and error DIY and now you don’t have to for a fraction of what that cost me to learn. If you are wondering if you can do what’s in this course... the answer is "Can you watch videos?" I’m sure the answer is yes. Can you take notes? I’m sure the answer is yes. Can you text and email and use a computer? I’m sure the answer is YES! The only thing you have to do is the work and that’s truthfully the part where people fall off. I can give you a perfect system that is so easy a two year old could do it, but it still comes down to the “DOING IT” part and thats up to you!



Understand Your Ideal Clients Better Than Your Competition

Learn exactly what your ideal clients are thinking and how they make purchasing decisions.


See The Consultation Method Live In Action

Access to a live mock consultation video replay with extra tips & tricks to help you serve your potential clients like never before.


Track Your Leads Like A Pro

Eliminate stress & overwhelm with this custom lead tracking system that makes conversations, follow ups and tracking your business progress a breeze!


Top Troubleshooting Topics

Simple solutions to find any breakdowns in your conversations or consultation processes to maximum time and profit.

using the STEP BY STEP information in this course you will earn back Your Investment in no time!

World Renowned Boudoir Photographer, entrepreneur, business coach, and mentor,

La Ritchhart, specializes in helping PORTRAIT photographers
make six figures or more doing what they love.

La is on a mission to flip the “starving artist” stereotype on its head and help her fellow photographers THRIVE. La has helped photographers make 100’s of thousands of dollars from their passion and create the thriving photography business they’ve always dreamt of by implementing business principles & systems to work smarter not harder.

Is there a specific start date for this course?

Nope! You get instant access and can start immediately upon enrollment!

I’m already a successful photographer, is this beneficial for me?

If you are looking to convert more of your leads into booked shoots and be known as the top luxury studio in your area … Most Definitely!
This course and content is for both newbie and veteran photographers!

I’m a wedding photographer, are the scripts for me?

Yes! We have customized text & email scripts for the following portrait genres:


I’m super busy, how much time is required for this course?

This is a go at your own pace, online course. Content is released every 24 hours once you enroll, with about 5 days worth of content.
You have lifetime access to the content, so when you start is up to you. I would offer that this is one of the most important parts of your business
so if you can at least commit 1.5 hours per day... it will drastically change your business!

What is your guarantee?

If you log into the course and feel like it just isn't for you within the first 7 days, please email us and we will refund your money 100%! 

I know with absolute certainty that these scripts and methods work! Honestly, where people will fall off and don't see results is in not following the scripts and system to a "T". Or not using the lead tracker/progress report spreadsheet or not following up properly in the timeline outlined. I cannot do the work for you, but I can give you a perfect system that works and is so easy a two year old could do it, but it will come down to your will and dedication to implement it!

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